Ask a Host Kid: What’s an au pair?
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Posted 12/03/2020

Ask a Host Kid: What’s an au pair?

Hear from real host kids about their love for au pairs!

By Cultural Care Au Pair

The question of “what’s an au pair?” can be answered so many different ways!


It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live and work abroad while caring for kids. It’s a role model. A big sister or brother. An au pair is a trailblazer, a traveler, and an adventurer.


But perhaps the best answer of “what’s an au pair” comes from host kids themselves. Learn what makes au pairs so special—and what an au pair is through the eyes of the adorable children they care for day in and day out.

Cultural Care Au Pair
Cultural Care Au Pair
Cultural Care Au Pair here! We believe that cultural exchange makes the world a better place – and so we’ve made it our life’s mission to help au pairs have enriching experiences in the USA. When we’re not helping au pairs travel, learn and grow in America, we’re probably eating candy from around the world and drinking copious amounts of coffee.
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