We’re here to celebrate the unique, exhilarating, eye-opening, sometimes-slightly-terrifying-but-ultimately-awesome moments of au pair life. In our pages, you’ll find advice from au pairs, hot tips on how to make the most of an au pair experience in the USA, stories of joy and triumph in the au pair community and so much more.

Why Candy Picnic, you ask? We have a reason, we promise—and it has nothing to do with our sweet tooth. (Ok, maybe a little). Cultural Care Au Pair has a very special tradition of hosting an international candy swap—a picnic, if you will—for all incoming au pairs at our New York Training School. It’s a chance for young women and men from around the world to come together and share candy from their home countries. And much like this blog, it’s a glimpse into the au pair experience—one filled with exploration, discovery, and a childlike sense of curiosity.

Have an appetite for cultural exchange? Let Candy Picnic give you a taste.

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